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  • While Recovering your car or Van we will ensure that no furthur damage is caused and we treat you car with respect. We have no wish to make matters worse.

    We strive to remain popular with our valued customers

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  • Our Parts are guaranteed for a period of 12 Months - you must retain your invoice for proof of purchase and date of repairs. 

    We take a pride in our workmanship and guarantee that in conjunction with the parts.

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  • We Guarantee our work with no problem. If we supply the parts then there is a 12 Month manufacturers warranty on the parts.

     If you want us to, we can save the old parts for you to inspect -- but do tell us before we do the work as most old parts are  put in the scrap bin.

repair services

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services warranty options

  • We Guarantee our work. All our parts when fitted New will have a 12 Month warranty on them. Old parts or second hand parts supplied by the customer do not carry a warranty

springs & suspension

  • We will check all parts of the suspension and report on Bushes, Springs, Hydraulic Dampers, Protective Boots and any damage to bars, tie rods and wish-bones ect'.